ESOTERIC Edition Z06 / Z07 Corvette For Sale!

This one of a kind Corvette has been featured on,, and among others.

If spec’d to this level for one of our customer-builds, it would cost over $155K to replicate. This particular car has been used as our marketing / show vehicle for the 2016 season.

Our ESOTERIC Edition vehicles represent the pinnacle of all products and services that we offer. Customers commission us to build turnkey show / track cars that are truly unique, with the biggest difference being that our paint refinement services cannot be replicated. For this particular car, we had areas where we increased paint image quality by over 95% (as measured on our $4K DOI meter).Look at the attached photos. There are two shots showing our DOI meter…one is the “before” readings, and the one with higher values are “after” readings. Also look at the photo of the side skirts. The one on the left is “before” paint refinement, and the one on the right is “after” refinement. Huge difference!!

You will not find another Corvette with OEM paint that looks this good, or is protected to this level. It’s not even close.

Featuring HRE P101 Wheels, Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust, SunTek (clearest available) film, Gyeon coatings, and Lingenfelter tuning (720hp, 730tq)…the ESOTERIC Edition Z06 was built to set a new standard in the Corvette world!

We at ESOTERIC represent the highest level of products and services in the detailing industry. We specialize in the Corvette, Ferrari, and Porsche markets, and have cars shipped in to us from all over the country to perform our paint refinement, paint protection, and modification services. We also train professional detailers from around the world, and provide consulting, training, and product support to OEM vehicle manufacturers.


Factory spec:

    • Manual 7-speed transmission
    • 3LZ (highest spec) interior
    • Competition Seats
    • Carbon Fiber Roof
    • Z07 package (carbon ceramic brakes, stiffer suspension, more aggressive stage 3 aero kit)


ESOTERIC Edition package:

    • THE highest level of paint correction / refinement that we have ever done on any car. Our proprietary process yielded 95%+ increase in paint clarity as measured on our $4K DOI (Distinctness of Image) meter. You have not seen OEM-polished paint that looks like this…
    • SunTek paint protection film. SunTek film offers the greatest clarity of any film on the market (once again, verified by our DOI meter). The entire vehicle is wrapped in SunTek paint protection film!
    • Competition Seats were removed, fully polished (back-side of seats are painted), coated with Gyeon, and re-installed
    • All interior fabrics were coated with Gyeon.
    • Exterior painted surfaces were coated / protected with 4 layers of Gyeon Mohs+ (Pro-only series). This will provide years of protection, and makes maintenance and cleanup very easy.
    • HRE and OEM wheels were coated with Gyeon Mohs+
    • Brake calipers and exhaust tips were coated with Gyeon Mohs
    • SunTek window film. 18% tint on sides and rear, 50% on windshield
    • Suspension lowered using Pfadt lowering bolts, and realigned.
    • HRE P101 forged monoblok wheels in Brushed Clear with optional Carbon Fiber center caps ($12K set of wheels)
    • Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust system. Titanium and Carbon Fiber. Retains sound management adjustments ($5,770 exhaust)
    • Lingenfelter 720HP package (pulley, belt, filter, tune, etc). Certificate of Authenticity included.


Designed to be an award-winning show car, this Corvette is also ready and prepared for the track. Not only does this ESOTERIC Edition Corvette look better than any other you will find, but it is properly protected so that you can drive it in any condition without worries. Just a simple and quick cleanup will have this car winning at any show. Search for our Z06 Z07 Corvette 100 Hour Detail by ESOTERIC on Youtube to watch the build process. The written version with FULL details can be found on our EsotericCarCare website under the Learning Center tab!

Also included with this Corvette will be all spares and take-offs (OEM wheels/tires, exhaust system, etc), car cover, tow-hooks, manuals, documentation, and photography of the original build process.

z06 z07 corvette in torch red by esoteric

z06 z07 corvette adrenaline red interior

z06 z07 corvette akrapovic exhaust

z06 z07 corvette adrenaline red competition seats

c7 z06 / z07 corvette carbon fiber roof polishing

c7 z06 / z07 corvette carbon flash side skirts


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